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Performance Description

Excitement is stirring among Lonnie Mardis fans in anticipation of Lonnie’s premier CD release tour About the Day. The CD and tour features Lonnie’s original jazz music. He has created an engaging, lively and entertaining concert that showcases his musicality as a guitarist and composer. In this jazz performance you are likely to hear R&B, rock, blues, world and classical influences that invite the audience to brighten their day, tap their toes and enjoy.

         “The world must hear Lonnie’s music! He is one of the finest guitarists and composers I know. His
         musicianship is vast, and his gift of subtlety can’t help but to draw your attention. When Lonnie plays,
         regardless of the context, the music will be wonderful, inspiring, and worthwhile.”

                  Sandon Mayhew, College of Idaho & Boise State University, Director Jazz Ensemble

The About the Day CD features Lonnie’s jazz quintet (guitar, sax, keys, drums, bass). However, Lonnie has created a versatile show that lends itself to a variety of performance options from solo guitar to a 5-piece band, appealing to a variety of presenting budgets. Lonnie is well-known for his ability to match composition, orchestration and the perfect combination of musicians to create a unique and dynamic performance that both excites and entertains.